Проверь себя

Только одно предложение из двадцати не содержит ошибки/ошибок!

Only one sentence is correct!
  1. I wonder when he comes back tonight.
  2. The burglar alarm will go off in case somebody tries to break in.
  3. I usually have got a cold at this time of year.
  4. Tolstoy has written many good novels.
  5. I have been living there for ten years. Now I live in LA.
  6. It's the first time I'm eating Japanese food.
  7. His clothes doesn't appeal to me at all. Get him buy something better.
  8. My mother is so irritable. She will shout to me all the time.
  9. What is she like? - She's tall and slim.
  10. Russian is twice more difficult than I thought.
  11. It took three times longer than I expected.
  12. I didn't enjoy the party because I was boring.
  13. After digging in the garbage, the dog didn't smell well.
  14. He couldn't afford buying that big a car.
  15. I wish I would see her again.
  16. I'd rather you not call me so early in the morning. Will you call me later?
  17. It is important that she hands in her paper by tomorrow.
  18. Being an early riser, it was easy for Carrie to adjust to her company's new summer schedule.
  19. Everybody has the right to freedom, don't they?
  20. Everybody arrived late, what didn't surprised me in the least.

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